From Start to Finish: The Story of ETHforAll

ETHforAll hackathon united builders from around the globe to build projects for a more positive sum-future, solving the most pertinent issues in our society. Read on to delve into the highlights.

From Start to Finish: The Story of ETHforAll


ETHforAll, the eighth ETHIndia Online Hackathon, has been nothing short of an incredible journey! Thousands of builders worldwide joined forces to build on Ethereum for the greater good. And we received a whopping 400+ projects. Of course, we couldn't have done it without our incredible partners, whose unwavering support, mentorship, and prize pool of over $70,000 made this event a huge success.

Get ready to relive all the fantastic moments because we're taking you down memory lane to revisit the epic moments that made this event so exceptional!!

🛫 ETHforAll Kick Off

We kicked off the hackathon on Feb 4, 2023, at an in-person event in collaboration with the Government of Telangana in Telangana's very own T-Hub. Joining us were our special guests, Jayesh Ranjan — IAS, Telangana State Innovation Cell, and Rama Devi Lanka — Head of Emerging Technologies Wing, Govt. of Telangana, industry experts, and passionate builders from all over.

The Devfolio team signed an MoU with the Telangana Government.

The event featured a keynote by Jayesh Ranjan, and panel discussions on Public Goods and Governance. Then we witnessed some stellar project showcases by the ETHIndia Grantees, Sadaiv, AI Mint, Social3, and Stackr Labs. And after an already exciting day, we had even more fun at a sundowner, networking and living it up!

Want to catch up on all the action? Watch a live stream of the kickoff here 👇🏼

📺 The Virtual Extravaganza

During the 2-week online hackathon, the builders interacted with their fellow builders, attended talks and panels by industry experts, participated in the first-ever Quadratic Voting on Devfolio, and much more! Let's give a quick recap of everything that transpired.

Speaker sessions

Our partner workshops helped the builders get interesting insights about their platforms and how to tailor them to suit their Dapp and bag those bounties 💰

Check out our speaker sessions playlist here 👇🏻

ETHforAll Mentorship Metaverse

We created a unique ETHforAll Metaverse exclusively for our hackers to develop the offline hackathon experience; and were happy to see the builders enjoying it to the fullest.

Live Quadratic Voting

As we mentioned earlier, we conducted our first-ever Quadratic Voting on Devfolio during ETHforAll, and it was indeed a blast! We received 350+ attestations, with the builders winning a piece of the $10,000 QV Matching Pool.

The Devfolio team conducted a live Quadratic Voting session with Kautuk Kundan, from Stackr Labs, and QEDK, from Polygon.

Watch them do a deep dive into the projects and share feedback on them 👇🏼

🏆 Winning Projects

A hearty congratulations to the winners and all the participants for their dedication and hours & hours spent building! Here are the winning projects for Quadratic Voting and Partner Prize Bounties:

Quadratic Voting Winners 🗳️

We're delighted to tell you that the first-ever Quadratic Voting on Devfolio during ETHforAll was a massive success with a heartwarming response from the community.

Quadratic Voting is a mathematically optimal way of voting which goes beyond a simple yes or no vote, enabling people to choose the intensity of their preferences. To learn more about it, read our recent blog: Introducing Quadratic on Devfolio.

We've integrated Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) on Devfolio, a public good for creating attestations against all votes received on-chain.

Check out these attestations on EAS Scan 👇🏼

Schema #44 (0x951fa7e07d6e852eb4535331db373786f5ab7249bb31d94cc4bd05250ebb6500)
Explore attestations and schemas on the Ethereum Attestation Service

Meet the top 3 Quadratic Voting winners 🤩

  1. Superloud: Bringing artists and fans together via a fun karaoke experience. Partner prizes won: Polygon Technology, Livepeer, Chainlink, and The Graph
  2. Karma Score: World's first holistic On+Off chain reputation score as a 'Proof of Sustainability' for sustainability-focused small businesses to access credit. Partner prize won: Polygon Technology
  3. NFT Docket: On-Chain warranties for products purchased so that consumers can avail proper service and protection for their purchase.
    Partner prize won: Filecoin Prize Pool

Check out all the projects who grabbed a piece of the matching amount on the ETHforAll leaderboard:

Partner Prize Winners ✨

  • Bridge Transfer Activity Tracker: A dashboard that displays metrics regarding the inflow/outflow of the bridges deployed on Polygon, slicing them by tokens by scraping the latest onchain data.
    Winning Tracks: Polygon Technology
  • Metaplex: A complete full-stack solution for Web3: Ablockchain-powered platform that enables salary disbursement, loans, and virtual office spaces, concerts, and NFT Ticketing all within a metaverse.
    Winning tracks: Polygon Technology
  • Stuniq: Allows unlocking the power of crypto payments with ease.
    Winning tracks: Polygon Technology
  • Greenade - ReFi Data Dao: Offers a way to participate in the energy transition by issuing digital renewable energy certificates (dRECs) representing the environmental benefits.
    Winning tracks: Filecoin
  • Store Don: Allows storing large data using lotus and FEVM in a decentralized and simple manner.
    Winning tracks: Filecoin
  • Eastore: Helps in easing users’ Filecoin storage.
    Winning tracks: Filecoin
  • Aaveasy: Enables users to get the most out of the Aave protocol.
    Winning tracks: Arcana Network, Aave Grants, and The Graph
  • XStream: A cross-chain token streaming solution.
    Winning tracks: Connext and Superfluid
  • Super Pay: A DeFi payment gateway for streaming money payments.
    Winning tracks: Arcana Network and Superfluid
  • Peernet: A decentralized VPN service provider that offers fast, secure, and private internet access to users worldwide.
    Winning tracks: Superfluid
  • Helps in unlocking the power of knowledge - one blog at a time.
    Winning tracks: Chainlink
  • Web3 Goals: A Web3 space that gives any person social and financial motivation to achieve their own goals.
    Winning tracks: Chainlink
  • Box Protocol: A DeFi app for investing in boxes of crypto representing the hottest ideas & sectors in Web3. Think of it as Smallcase for Web3, but self-custodial & tokenized.
    Winning tracks: Chainlink
  • LeafTrack: Revolutionizing ecosystem monitoring with satellite images and blockchain technology.
    Winning tracks: Chainlink
  • AdChain: A blockchain-based advertising platform that uses Web3 technologies to create a more secure, transparent, and privacy-focused advertising ecosystem.
    Winning tracks: The Graph
  • Graph-AI: Easy access to The Graph, with the help of ChatGPT, enabling users to query on-chain data with simple prompts.
    Winning tracks: The Graph
  • SAAVE Finance: An introductory platform designed for people who are not experienced in DeFi to quickly dive in and invest in some of the safest profits the ecosystem has to offer in just a few clicks.
    Winning tracks: QuickNode
  • Pay4All: A tool revolutionizing grassroots payments: Decentralized, transparent, and empowering for workers and communities.
    Winning tracks: QuickNode
  • Pension Flow: A platform to empower retirement with decentralized governance and automatic pension fund transfer.
    Winning tracks: QuickNode
  • Web3Me: A very simple-to-use wallet visualizer and account tracker tool for the general public.
    Winning tracks: QuickNode
  • Quicklance - A Platform For Freelancers: The first decentralized platform for freelancers where they can find the best Web3 projects and work on them to get paid securely.
    Winning tracks: Push Protocol
  • SecChat: A messaging Dapp that gets the user paid each time they receive spam and creates an environment for the spammers that they can't survive on the Dapp.
    Winning tracks: Push Protocol
  • Super Offers: Enabling users to complete on-chain tasks and get a constant income stream.
    Winning tracks: Push Protocol
  • Reflow: Helps create reward flows that stream + update themselves in real-time.
    Winning tracks: Push Protocol
  • MusicChain: Enables musicians to upload their music directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Furthermore, users can listen to music on the platform without any limitations or restrictions.
    Winning tracks: Push Protocol
  • Where's My: A decentralized Device Tracking Application.
    Winning tracks: Push Protocol
  • MantleFund: A Cross-chain Crowdfunding application built on Mantle Blockchain.
    Winning tracks: Mantle and Connext
  • XpressSwap: Allows users to swap their cryptos instantly on Mantle and Filecoin Network.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • LinkPay: Revolutionizing payments with LinkPay - where modern simplicity meets the world of crypto.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • AI Mint x Mantle: A tool where AI creativity meets Web3, allowing users to mint gasless NFTs on Mantle chain.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • Kraken: Kraken is a permissionless Web3 domain service that enables individuals, communities, and organizations (DAOs) to create a personalized top-level domain.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • TrustPoint: A project that aims to decentralize and streamline the process of creating deals between gaming studios and celebrities by using smart contracts. Winning tracks: Mantle
  • comma: Helping users to play puzzle games and win some NFTs while at it. Winning tracks: Mantle
  • Vykt: Profile for an ETH Address with unlimited customization options for wallet profiles and no more boring blockies.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • broadcastr: Allows content creators to have full ownership and control over their streams, achieved by embedding a live stream into an NFT, which allows them to view a live stream on any NFT marketplace.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • CustodianCode NFT Marketplace: A secure and user-friendly marketplace for easily buying and selling NFTs on Mantle Network.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • AI Muse: AI Muse helps users create and mint one-of-a-kind NFT(s) with just a few taps.
    Winning tracks: Mantle
  • WELF.: A decentralized fundraising platform based on DAO monitoring. Winning tracks: Mantle
  • Edu for All DAO: A sustainable, decentralized, learning DAO powered by LivePeer.
    Winning tracks: ConseSys
  • EdgeSnap: A snap-based solution for all Edgeverse needs, so users can access not only EdgeEVM but also the EdgeWASM environment from the Metamask, eliminating the need for multiple extensions.
    Winning tracks: ConseSys
  • Bridge Together: Allowing users to pool their funds and save on gas fees while bridging.
    Winning tracks: Connext
  • Parichay: Bringing Accountability into the Web3 world without compromising Anonymity and bringing Sybil Resistance to every chain.
    Winning tracks: Connext
  • Bob - The Yielder: A cross-chain Yield Aggregator Defi protocol through which users can deposit their underlying asset from the source chain to the destination chain via a single transaction.
    Winning tracks: Connext
  • AaveEase: A powerful tool for optimizing Aave transactions through innovative batch and migration features.
    Winning tracks: Aave Grants DAO


And that's a wrap! Again, we thank all the participants, mentors, and partners for making it a remarkable hackathon, building for public goods, and making history with the first-ever Quadratic Voting on Devfolio.

We feel beyond elated to have seen our participants' incredible work and dedication. From the kickoff event in Telangana to the online hackathon, we have witnessed unique projects tackling some of the most pressing issues in our society. We can't wait to see how these projects continue to grow and push the boundaries of what's possible with Ethereum.

Stay tuned for more updates and interact with the Devfolio community at:

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️