Revolutionizing grassroots payments: Decentralized, transparent, and empowering for workers and communities.

The problem Pay4All solves

The aim is to build a decentralised platform for payments by the public to municipal and sanitation workers.
The moral goal is to prevent small amounts of money being spent on harmful and largely unimportant goods on daily basis ; instead offer the aggregated payment/ tip money at a later time as a lumpsum ; this promotes money being put to good use. Along with it , it also aims to bring the blockchain use case to the grassroot level.
The technical goal is create a seamless platform that is transparent in displaying where the money flows by keeping a central aggregator and the user need only pay the unique wallet address corresponding to the worker.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the following problems while working on the projects:
We resolved a problem in the smart contract that disabled us from alllowing the client to withdraw the deposited amount on his own volition.
We overcame this problem by trasferreing the funds into the smart contract itself and maintaining a mapping structure to store those tokens (sent by the residents of the comunity)
While deploying the smart contracts on-chain, we had to resolve the RPC url issuses because we were not able to find responsive endpoints

Thanks to QuickNode we got the best RPC endpoints.