Bridge Together

Bridge Together

Pool your funds and save on gas fees while bridging.

The problem Bridge Together solves

There are several new blockchain users in our space who want to try out new chains but they are met with high gas fees when trying to bridge. This is not good for adoption. Most of these users might not need these funds to be available on the next chain immediately.

This is where Bridge Together comes in.

Bridge Together allows users to bundle up their bridge transaction with other users so as to minimize gas fees paid per individual. We achieve this by making user sign off-chain signatures for their bridge transaction. On reaching a certain threshold the keeper bots aggregate the signatures into a single bridge operation.

All the users receive their tokens on destination chain after deducting a small fees which is paid to the keeper bot.
This fees is a lot less than what the user would have paid as gas fees if they bridged their assets manually.

Challenges we ran into

Building cross-chain applications is still lacking sufficient tooling. A lot of our time was spent on debugging these transactions.