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The problem solves

Blogs are a forum for individuals and organisations to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with an audience from all over the world. They have become an irreplaceable medium of sharing information in the modern era, but due to reduced attention spans, many find it difficult to sit through walls of text without any illustrations, leading to limited reach and comprehensibility of the content. According to research, image-based blogs have higher user engagement and readership than text-based blogs as they appeal to visual learners better.

Through, we hope to help both bloggers and readers have a better experience in posting and consuming content on the internet. Want to increase traffic on your blogs or get the entire gist of the content in a few seconds? Don't worry, we've got your back. is a web3 based blogging platform which integrates the powerful generative capabilities of AI into blockchain. Our AI specially generates images which are used as NFTs and are oriented towards the written material of the blog. This enables bloggers to make their writing visually appealing, while also making a unique NFT based on the highlighted content in the blog. Our platform creates an NFT using the cover image of the blog and encodes the blog text into the image using image steganography. This helps users share their content using a single NFT, thus increasing the shareability and readability of these blogs.

This has been developed using web 3.0 technologies that enable decentralization, personalization, immersiveness, and a token-driven economy. It provides user with a personalized web surfing experience. The project aims at making blog sharing decentralised using web 3.0 technologies like FVM, Arcana, IPFS, PUSH Protocol, Chainlink etc.

Challenges we ran into

We faced quite a few challenges while implementing some of the web3 technologies.
Firstly, understanding certain new concepts and their implementation took a lot of time. Choosing the right technology among all the options available was also tricky.
We tried implementing most of the technologies using Python rather than Javascript to incorporate the AI features with blockchain but faced some issues while running Chainlink on Python at first, as we could not create a local node for Chainlink. We also faced a few more problems while running the docker container of the chainlink bridge (to external api).
We dealt with a few minor issues with the other technologies but our biggest challenge was combining all the features and technologies into a single platform, making sure there is no unnecessary interference among the tools, in order to create a decentralised system.

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