AdChain is a blockchain-based advertising platform that uses web3 technologies to create a more secure, transparent, and privacy-focused advertising ecosystem.

The problem AdChain solves

The AdChain platform allows advertisers to run ad campaigns on the websites they like, while users can monetize their websites and earn cryptocurrency tokens. Advertisers can submit their ads and we will mint an ERC1155 token to represent each ad. Once the ad is created, advertisers can choose on which websites they want to display their ad.

All impression rewards, such as click and view rewards, are automated by smart contracts that are completely transparent and stored on the blockchain. The platform does not charge any commission, and all rewards are transferred directly from the advertiser to the publisher. The platform does not transfer rewards to our contract, and we only get approval from the user. The user can cancel that approval at any time and choose to stop the campaign. There is no case of locking funds to the contract.

Anyone with a website can become a publisher by simply entering their click and view reward amounts and website information. No other information is needed. It is great that publishers can easily join the platform and stop campaigns at any time by canceling their approval.

Challenges we ran into

As beginners in this technology, we faced many difficulties such as figuring out how to retrieve data from the blockchain and dealing with APIs. To fetch data from the blockchain, we learned how to use The Graph Protocol and built a Subgraph to store the events emitted by our smart contract. To deal with APIs, we reached out to some communities for guidance and were able to build one to deliver Ads to the publisher.