Streamlining Your Aave Experience : Powerful tool for optimizing Aave transactions through innovative batch and migration features.

The problem AaveEase solves

This tool will let anyone combine different transactions types such as Supplying on AAVE , Borrowing on AAVE , Withdrawing on AAVE , Repaying Debt , Taking a Flasloan and Implementing its inside logic , Implementing a swap , Migrating your AAVE positions from one address to another , etc in one transaction . This tools supports gasless approving of a Tokens and debt Tokens. Implementing gasless approvals will lead to optimize gas costs and will save time for user.

Building a Transactions Starts with Initial Supply Component where user will need to approve tokens to our contract so that these funds can be used in later stages of transaction like supplying liquidity to aave protocol , etc

It also supports migration feature where user can transfer all AAVE positions from one address to another and can see migration history .

Challenges I ran into

Got challenge of passing paramameters of complex transactions into function . It was solved using bitmap approach