Quicklance - A Platform For Freelancers

Quicklance - A Platform For Freelancers

Quicklance is the first decentralized platform for freelancers where they can find the best web3 projects and work on them to get paid securely and also connect with other freelancers / employers.

The problem Quicklance - A Platform For Freelancers solves

The problem current freelancing platforms have is that new and underrated freelancer does not get any projects organically as this platform primarily ranks and showcases the freelancers who they got paid from. Also, there is a third-person intervention between the freelancer and the employer.
Many times the payments are released late from the employers. Also on every successful project completion many other platforms charge 3% + commission or sometimes it's even more.

First of all our platform ranks the freelancers depending on the history and interactions of their past projects and also with other freelancers.
On our platform, every task is automated via smart contracts and other decentralized technologies like push protocol, superfluid, chainlink, etc.
Whenever an employer publishes a project he also sends the project budget which is stored securely in a smart contract that can only be released only when the project gets completed or canceled, also any freelancers can coat with their ask on that project, and the employer can select any freelancer after checking their profile which shows their past projects/followers/penalties, etc.
We also have a tipping system where every user can tip any freelancer with tokens sent automatically every month, to manage this flow we have integrated superfluid.

Note -
We came across and started working on the quicklance idea in another hackathon but we were not able to build it. So we started working freshly and from scratch on our previous idea of quicklance in ethforall as we wanted to make it production ready and completely working with many new features and another way of tackling the problems.
What did we build before?
In the previous code, we just made a sample working project which will show what our idea is.
What do we build now?
In the current project, we have successfully displayed what is our platform about, and all the functionalities are working properly and the project is production ready.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges while working on this project as we integrated many new technologies we never used before.
A good project includes a good-looking frontend (UI/UX part) and optimized and error-free smart contracts. Integration between the front end and smart contracts is a very challenging part as this has a direct effect on user experience.

When we were integrating superfluid the main challenge we faced was to fetch streams of a specific user without using graphql (because of lack of time). Later we figured out the solution

When we were integrating push notifications we initially faced some issues using their SDK. We faced more problems when we were integrating the push chat system for our platform users.
The main challenge for us was to use push notifications every time an important event gets triggered.

Overall the challenging part was to integrate new technologies which will improve our dapp and also respect the decentralization we want to maintain on our quicklance platform.
The user flow starting from creating an account on our platform to surfing new things, creating/finding projects, etc is very important, and maintaining it after the integration of new SDKs is a challenge.