AI Mint

AI Mint

AI creativity meets web3

The problem AI Mint solves

The problem statement is not allowing users to create cool stable diffusion artworks and allowing them to mint them at the same place. The real problem, one of the biggest ones in this space is the validity and onboarding of people into the space itself. If we can show people that creating cool artwork using text, which they have already been loving can be minted instantly into their wallets, without any technical know-how. There is huge power in each click we reduce for the user. As a cherry on top, we made the whole process gasless so a new user does not have to put in money. The real use case is easy, free onboarding.

Challenges we ran into

There were 2 big problems that we ran into:

  1. The most obvious one is the issue that we do not have the resources to run stable diffusion and hence we have to use an API for it, which is paid for its free version and hence we have to change keys every few hours. This is a temporary solution we plan to solve with this proposal

  2. The other issue we ran into was just as a lack of technical expertise, we were having issues with minting the NFTs and that too gasless ones. We got over it by using another API for now, but we plan to write the code for that ourselves in the nearby future.