Connecting Gaming Studios with celebrities

The problem TrustPoint solves

Trustpoint is a project that aims to decentralize and streamline the process of creating deals between gaming studios and celebrities by using smart contracts. Currently, the system for creating deals between gaming studios and celebrities is centralized (on paper), which can be costly, inefficient, and slow. Trustpoint's approach seeks to eliminate intermediaries and increase efficiency by using smart contracts to automate the process.

Trustpoint's approach can benefit both gaming studios and celebrities. Gaming studios can save money on transaction fees and legal fees by using smart contracts. The process can also be completed more quickly, allowing them to bring their games to market faster. Celebrities can benefit by receiving faster and more secure payments and having more control over their image and likeness.

Overall, Trustpoint's approach has the potential to revolutionize the way that deals are made between gaming studios and celebrities. By using smart contracts to automate the process, Trustpoint can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency, while providing a secure and reliable way for gaming studios and celebrities to work together.

Challenges we ran into

NFT event indexing issue: Every organization has a different NFT contract to ensure that NFTs do not appear under one single collection on marketplaces like OpenSea. To address this issue, we created a structure where one NFT contract is associated with only one organization. However, this created a lot of NFT contracts, and we needed a lot of event listeners to index them. To address this issue, we created a smart contract called Logger that logs all events of all these different contracts under one single contract.

Unsolved Challenges:

  • Polygon id name field: We wanted to verify the celebrities to confirm that they were who they claimed to be by using Polygon ID. However, the Polygon ID protocol only allowed us to verify their date of birth, which created possible concerns. We were unable to verify the names of the verifier.

Future Prospects:

  • ID Verification: Trustpoint aims to add some Zero knowledge way to confirm that the celebrity is who they claim to be.
  • Multiple NFT support: As of now, Trustpoint only supports one NFT per deal, which means a game company can only have one NFT per celebrity. We will soon be adding support for multiple NFT deals between two parties.