Bob - The Yielder

Bob - The Yielder

Cross Chain Yield Aggregator Defi protocol through which user can deposit their underlying asset from the source chain to the destination chain via a single transaction.

The problem Bob - The Yielder solves

The problem it solves -

  1. Gives more opportunity to users to increase their yields on underlying assets and more exposure to the market to select from multiple vaults depending upon their risk profile. For example - If the user holds tokenA on chainA and there are vaultA and vaultB on chainA and chainB respectively which provides x and y APY on underlying tokenA then the user can select and deposit to their preferable vault, if x > y then deposit in vaultA else deposit in vaultB.
  2. No need to bridge assets separately to the destination chain before depositing them to the vault as it can be achieved via a single transaction through the protocol.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into -

  1. Connext SDK connection - we were having a problem integrating connext SDK which provides the relayer fee and slippage to send a cross-chain transaction. We connected with connext team and they helped us out through it eventually we created a separate API service that can provide the relayer fee and slippage by utilizing the connext SDK.
  2. AAVE WETH token on Testnets - AAVE uses different WETH tokens on the testnets from the supported WETH token on Connext Testnets. To tackle this problem we configured our route


    function to perform the following steps -
    1. withdraw ETH from the connext-supported WETH.
    2. deposit the withdrawn ETH to AAVE-supported WETH.