A decentralised fundraising platform based on DAO monitoring.

The problem WELF. solves

Most people don't donate on fundraising platforms just because they fear that their money will reach to a needy one. Transparency is the biggest issue in the current fundraising platform.WELF provides a solution to it, it is a decentralised fundraising platform based on DAO monitoring, which ensures that all the donations are worth making. WELF also provides incentives to the people who help the cause on the ground and also to the people who donate by a unique token incentive model. All the decisions are taken based on the DAO decision by a voting mechanism from the DAO member to solve the problem of credibility and trust. Proposals are verified by the DAO members before enabling them for donation.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the contracts was a big task because we had different functions for DAO members and normal users.
The second issue we ran into was fetching files including text and videos from IPFS and rendering them.