One-stop snap-based solution for all your Edgeverse needs; so you can access not only EdgeEVM but also the EdgeWASM environment from the Metamask eliminating the need for multiple extensions.

The problem EdgeSnap solves

As of now, if a user wants to interact with protocols deployed on EdgeWASM smart contract environment on the Edgeware chain, they need to use Polkadot JS extension while to interact with protocols deployed on EdgeEVM smart contract environment on the same chain, they can use Metamask. Thus for the end-user, the UX feels quite disconnected/non-continuous. Also, they have to go through a small learning curve if they haven't interacted with any substrate chain previously.
Hence, we decided to port the Snap developed by ChainSafe for Polkadot to Edgeware and create a (web-based) Portal featuring the necessary tools to interact with both the smart contract environments on Edgeware.

Challenges we ran into

Metamask Flask's new update (v1.25) introduced breaking changes making many function calls completely unusable in the middle of the hackathon. But ChainSafe was kind enough to prioritise the necessary changes to their stack and then all we had to do was to port the changes downstream.