A Better "LinkedIn" for web3 professionals

The problem Social3 solves

There is a huge talent gap in Web3 that needs to be bridged. Although there are many solutions available, most of them are simple job boards or riddled with multiple inefficacies. Most importantly, since the web3 talent is relatively new, these platforms fail to have a vetting process to evaluate candidates based on their web3 based skills. Apart from this, they fail to leverage one of the essential tools in hiring - referrals. Web3 is notoriously famous to rely on referrals and close on candidates and skip the line.

Also, Since these platforms are just job boards, the recruiters are left with the hassle of going through a lot of email noise to filter out suitable candidates. The candidates also face the brunt of maintaining multiple applications over email threads and lack a single universal updated profile to showcase to recruiters.

Challenges I ran into

Since recruiting is a difficult problem to solve, the challenges we faced were more on the product side of things to understand and try out various theses with our users.

On the technical side, the difficulties primarily lied in figuring out the best ways query from the blockchain given the latency in normal API calls.