A very simple-to-use wallet visualizer and account tracker tool for the general Public

The problem Web3Me solves

Nowadays when the blockchain ecosystem is evolving and new things are being built on top of it, it has become very important that more and more general population is allowed to interact with it. Though many products are being built in the market to make web3 come into mainstream adoption still people who are very new to web3, who only know about creating a wallet may be on meta mask, coinbase, etc, Sometimes find it difficult to see what exactly happening with their wallet. They are not able to find what nfts they hold, or what tokens they hold (You know you have to import using contract address huhhhhh:( ). They are also not able to see what a particular nft holds, what metadata is there, is it correct or not. These all things are causing people to become fools in hands of hackers and manipulators. So to solve this web3me is made. A platform to track and visualize your wallet data. Have a look here on the video below

Note: This project is an upgraded version of this app. Previously The web3me platform only supported tracking nfts and tokens but now you can stake your tokens in one click on AAVE protocol, see your push notifications, subscriptions you opted-in (opt-out in one click), see whom you interacted with in chats, and spam notifications, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Gathering all data from push in one go and increasing the speed of platform.