Box Protocol

Box Protocol

A DeFi app for investing in boxes of crypto representing the hottest ideas & sectors in Web3. Think of it as Smallcase for Web3, but self-custodial & tokenized.

The problem Box Protocol solves

  1. Diversification: Box Protocol enables investors to invest in a diverse portfolio of crypto assets representing different ideas and sectors in Web3. This diversification can mitigate risks and potentially increase returns.

  2. Self-custody: With Box Protocol, investors hold ERC1155 tokens that represent their share of the box, which means they maintain full control of their assets. This self-custodial approach reduces counterparty risk and increases security.

  3. Flexibility: The Box Swap feature allows users to quickly and easily rebalance their investments based on market conditions, which adds flexibility to investment management.

  4. Customization & Earning: The Create Box feature enables users to create personalized boxes of crypto assets and earn a commission on the trading volume generated by their custom box. This feature adds another level of customization and potential income for box creators.

  5. Time Spent in Researching: The user may not have the time or energy to research every project/token in a sector they want to invest. Using the boxes representing the leading projects in that sector, users can easily invest in that sector without any hassle.

Overall, Box Protocol solves the problem of limited options for diversified and self-custodial investment in the crypto space while providing benefits such as flexibility, customization and box creator revenue.

Challenges we ran into

UX/UI Design: Creating a user-friendly interface for a DeFi app like Box Protocol was challenging. We needed to ensure that the users could easily understand how to use the platform, and manage their assets and investments effectively. We faced design challenges to ensure the smooth functioning of the platform and its features.

Smart contract efficiency: Developing the smart contracts that power the Box Protocol app presented some challenges. We ran into errors or bugs in the contract code that needed to be identified and fixed. We also needed to ensure that our functions were implemented properly and in an efficient manner to save storage and gas.