A Cross-chain Crowdfunding application built on Mantle Blockchain.

The problem MantleFund solves

It is aimed to solve the problem of traditional crowdfunding application by providing more
Accessibility , Security , Transparency .
While thereby opening the possibilities of Global Reach. Even a whole nation could easily start the campaign through MantleFund. Butilt for scalability the platform utilises Mantle Blockchain to carry out the transactions at less gas fee and efficient transfers.

In more descriptive words

Interoperability: By leveraging different blockchain networks, MantleFund application can facilitate the transfer of funds between different cryptocurrencies, making it easier for users to contribute to projects regardless of the cryptocurrency they hold.

Accessibility: MantleFund can increase accessibility to crowdfunding by allowing users to contribute with different cryptocurrencies, lowering the barriers to entry for those who may not have the same currency as the platform.

Security: Blockchain-based crowdfunding is inherently more secure, as the funds are held in smart contracts that are transparent and tamper-proof. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the blockchain network means that the funds are not held by a centralized authority, reducing the risk of fraud or other malicious activities.

Transparency: Smart contracts on the blockchain provide a high level of transparency, enabling contributors to track the progress of the project and the allocation of funds in real-time. This increases trust and accountability between the project owner and contributors.

Global reach: MantleFund has the potential to reach a global audience, as the platform is not tied to a particular country or jurisdiction, making it easier to raise funds from a diverse pool of contributors around the world.

Challenges I ran into

Ran into a couple of challenges as wanted to make the best crowdfunding platform.