AI Mint x Mantle

AI Mint x Mantle

AI creativity meets web3, mint gasless NFT's on mantle chain

The problem AI Mint x Mantle solves

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." But wait, we just DID!

The major problem that we solve with ai mint is letting users smoothly onboard to the web3 ecosystem while also making that experience truly gasless, our goal is to reduce the friction as much as possible for anyone using our product. Generally, to own NFTs, you also require artists who can make content for you but with we bridge that gap by using text-to-image models. All images generated on our platform our unique simply because of the mechanics of these ai models and since they are unique we thought it would make a perfect blend to add ownership as well for expanded reach, increased monetisation and immutable ownership of image that the user themselves generated.

What makes this different than AI Mint?

TLDR: The only overlap the mantle AI Mint has with our native AI Mint is the API we use for image generation and the frontend design. Other than that, all of the code has been written from scratch, with a completely different stack.

  • AI Mint is deployed on polygon and uses API's for gasless minting and generative image to NFT metadata hosting
  • On the other hand, AI Mint Mantle was rewritten from scratch on mantle testnet with their custom RPC
  • The minting contract was written by ourselves using standard ERC-721, Image + NFT Metadata hosting on IPFS is also being done manually here which is not the case for AI Mint on polygon so we wrote the entire backend during this hackathon on mantle
  • The history feature on AI Mint main app is also being triggered by an API but for mantle, we had to write extensions in our backend to make that possible, we're using native functions of ERC-721 to make our history logic work which is again a lot different from our main AI Mint webapp
  • Mantle doesn't have any NFT marketplace so we took the leap and built a mini view-able gallery ourselves which we call the history feature

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenge was the fact that Mantle network, being a test network has limited resources when it comes to apis and sdks, so we had to configure many things manually. For the history feature, we had to write our own logic to pull all NFTs from the contract and as of now, there is no other way to view these NFTs on Mantle. Alongside that, the minter must have any amount of BIT tokens in their wallet to mint these NFTs, which for new users would require them to mint them on goerli and bridge to mantle. This would provide a UX hiccup.