Karma Score

Karma Score

World’s first holistic On+Off chain reputation score as a ‘Proof of Sustainability’ for sustainability-focused Small Businesses to access credit.

The problem Karma Score solves

Sustainability is the key theme that will drive our planet’s fight against climate change – the most pressing problem facing humanity today. And to achieve this meaningfully, it is critical that seamless financing is made available, especially to businesses focused on sustainability. Hence key public good primitives like a holistic reputation score that can act as a ‘Proof of sustainability’ + ‘Proof of creditworthiness’ becomes crucial to enable financing to ‘green’ businesses.
Our Karma Score product is exactly that.
It is a holistic reputation score that combines off-chain and on-chain data to create a truly holistic assessment of a small business being ‘creditworthy’ (by evaluating off-chain borrowing track-record with on-chain record and other alternate data) as well as being ‘sustainability-focused’ (by evaluating the business on multiple parameters of sustainability e.g. GHG emissions reduced).

Challenges we ran into

Few partner integrations took time but finally we were able to close them.