SAAVE Finance

SAAVE Finance

Simplify DeFi with SAAVE on Polygon: Start earning today!

The problem SAAVE Finance solves

It is hard for beginners to understand how to use current DeFi protocols that are in the ecosystem. UX is complicated in other apps and requires a lot of knowledge about how these programs work.

We fix this by:

  • providing a simple and easy to understand UI that is not seen in other applications.
  • Offering a one click solution to do multiple investment strategies that have stood the test of time.

Simple UI
Our platform allows users to view their dollars gained in real time, a feature not included in any other application. We also try to educate our users about where their money is going by providing information on each protocol interacted with and rewarding an NFT for reading and watching our content.

One Click Solution
3.75% apy on stablecoins
SAAVE protocol works by depositing DAI, USDC, or USDT into the AAVE peer to peer lending protocol to earn yield. AAVE gives us aTokens, which act as receipts for a lenders deposit. These receipts/ or aTokens can be traded in other places. We then deposit the aTokens on Curve Finance to earn trading fees or their platform. Curve gives us Liquidity Provider tokens which can be used to stake on their platform. This staking gives us additional yield in the form of CRV tokens. CRV tokens can be staked for additional profit, but SAAVE does not currently utilize this. Instead, when SAAVE users want to withdraw, any earned CRV is sold for USDC, so the end user just receives stablecoin assets. This provides our users an investment strategy that minimizes any exposure to less stable assets.

Overall SAAVE is an introductory platform designed for people who are not experienced in DeFi to quickly dive in and invest in some of the safest profits the ecosystem has to offer in just a few clicks.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding a way to fund auto-compounding which requires someone or a bot from Chainlink Keepers. It can be incentives funded by user profits. For now we have just opted to swap CRV profit for USDC when the user withdraws.

-Finding a way to have people pool stake CRV for additional profits

  • finding ways to do things better than competitors like Convex, StakeDAO and others.

  • Contemplating whether we should add CRV staking or not

  • Calling curve's exchange function to swap CRV for USDC

  • Finishing landing page and docs

  • Calculating data queried from the blockchain for frontend UI

  • Completion of app UI