Where’s My

Where’s My

Decentralised Device Tracking Application

The problem Where’s My solves

  • Current device tracking applications are fully centralized, which poses a risk to the security of sensitive information like device location and metadata.

  • The absence of cross-platform compatibility requires users to utilize separate applications for their Android and iOS devices.

  • To address these concerns, there is a need for a more personalized device tracking solution that enables users to add and track all their devices at one place in a decentralized manner.

How we solved this :

  • The "Where's My" app is a solution that enables users to monitor the locations of their devices, like mobile phones, headphones, speakers, laptops, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices within their vicinity.

  • This ecosystem is hosted on blockchain and leverages Bluetooth to detect the location of a device within the network of other mobile devices that have the "Where's My" app installed and are signed into the WheresMy network.

Our USP:

  • Decentralised device tracking reduces the risk of a single point of failure.
  • Cross-platform compatibility allows device tracking irrespective of Android or iOS device.
  • Live location tracking keeps users engaged on the app

Challenges we ran into

Understanding device permissions and limitations: Inorder to track different devices, it is important to understand their configuration. We had to dig deeper into device IDs and Mac Addresses of Bluetooth enabled devices to understand how they can be tracked.

Data Access issue: We were struggling to hide location data in a manner that only the server and device owner can access it. Without this the location of every device would be compromised to other devices in the network. Finally we were able to overcome this through on-chain access control mechanism to handle accessibility of private data.

BLE Service : All Bluetooth Low Energy Devices advertise themselves and this information is periodically scanned in the Background. The scanned results are pinged to the server and the server filters out the registered devices on the platform and updates their location on the chain. Creating this service was a difficult task.

Tracks Applied (7)

Polygon: Open Track

Polygon Network used for hosting the Where's My Smart Contract.

Polygon Technology

The Graph: New Subgraph(s)

The Graph is used for querying on-chain Device metadata and for sending push notifications using Push Protocol over Subg...Read More

The Graph

Quicknode: Built on QuickNode RPC

Mumbai Polygon Network is used for hosting the Smart Contract and QuickNode RPC is used as a Ethereum RPC Provider for t...Read More


Push Protocol

Push Protocol is used to send notifications about the location of lost devices to the device owner.

Push Protocol



ConsenSys: Truffle + Infura

Truffle, Mocha and Ganache were used during the development and for testing the Where's My Smart Contract.


Mantle: UX Track

Figma is used for Designing the UI/UX of the entire Mobile and Web Application. We tried to make the user interface as m...Read More