zk-IDs for Everyone, on ANY Chain

The problem Parichay solves

Parichay is meant to:

  • Bringing Accountability into the Web3 world without compromising Anonymity.
  • Bringing Sybil Resistance to every chain.

Its applications range from bot protection to Dapps to Anti Money Laundering. It is easy to use. It integrates at the contract level. It is somewhat akin to a Federated Identity in the Web2 World. Developers need only a contract interface and a modifier to ensure that the addresses interacting with their Dapps have actual faces and are not mere bots meant to spam their Dapps.

On the user end, they can rest easy that none of their Identity data is getting offered to the highest bidder but at the same time they can be held accountable for anything they did. They remain anonymous until they perform any malicious activity.

The Project provides Zero-Knowledge Based Identities to everyone and offers its representation on any EVM-compatible chain. This allows for easy tokenization of the fact that a wallet address is not a bot. It is essentially extending the Sybil Resistance to all EVM-compatible chains and bringing Accountability into the mix without jeopardizing privacy and anonymity.

Our project is built on top of Polygon ID. The user needs to go through a verification pipeline which includes:

  1. Providing their PAN/AADHAR (currently using Indian IDs; will expand). If they provide AADHAR, they need to provide an OTP automatically sent to their registered mobile.
  2. Going through a Liveness Detection test which involves them performing simple activities to ascertain their liveness.
  3. Collect their Proof of Personhood (PoP).
  4. Mint a SBT which tokenizes their PoP.

This SBT can be then cloned or completely ported over to different chains (courtesy of Connext SDK; we plan to build custom bridges to chains not supported by Connext). User data which gets stored in a centralized server:

  1. Hash of PAN/AADHAR
  2. Chain IDs their SBT is present on.
    The user needs to manually re-verify after intervals of time to keep their PoP.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Polygon ID provides PoP claim offers through a link which couldn't be embedded in an iFrame. This meant that the Claim Offer URLs were available to the end-user. We couldn't solve this one.
  2. Connext SDK configuration. Initially cloning and porting SBTs costed a lot. We had to configure Connext SDK and take a deep dive to solve this one.

Technologies used