Broadcastr allows content creators to have full ownership and control over their streams,we achieve this by embedding a livestream into an NFT, this allows to view a livestream on any NFT marketplace.

The problem broadcastr solves

It is a new way of thinking about livestreaming communities. Right now, when thinking about livestreaming, Twitch comes to mind, it is not only centralized, but also tries to place all types of communities into one platform. Gamers have different needs than musicians, and twitch doesnt provide that. Broadcastr aims to be the protocol used so people only need to worry about creating content, and customizing the experience specifically for their niche audience.

Challenges we ran into

Working with video technologies on the web is not an easy straight forward process, at first we wanted to implement the option to stream both from a webcam and OBS providing a stream key but the way we managed to do it wasnt meeting our standards and eve though it wroked, we decided to throw away the option to livestream from any webcam (mobile or computer) and keep just the OBS option FOR NOW. It is a core feature that we want to implement but we need to prioritize other things first.

We also got some trouble when working with the mantle network at first, this delayed us a bit, but their docs were really good and we managed to fix the issue.

Front-end technologies are not our main area of expertise so creating a good looking and user friendly experience was definitely a challenge. We will be talking to professional front end engineers and designers in the future to give our app a new and improved look and feel