ETHSeoul 2022: The largest annual Ethereum hackathon of South Korea 🚀

A recap of ETHSeoul 2022 — where Web3 #BUIDLERs from around the globe united to collaborate and build the decentralized future together.

ETHSeoul 2022: The largest annual Ethereum hackathon of South Korea 🚀
ETHSeoul 2022

ETH Seoul 2022 hackathon, organised by ETHSeoul and hosted on Devfolio, kicked off on August 5 and brought together hundreds of developers, industry experts, and mentors to innovate and build decentralized applications with the potential of mass adoption.

Developers from around the globe ranging from high school students to PhD scholars, joined the hackathon and built various projects. No two projects were similar and were built on diverse ideas such as the scalability of EVM chains, L2s, ZK rollups, DAOs, NFT metadata, etcetera, and won bounties from a pool of over 75,000 USD.

The event also included expert panels, tech talks, workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking activities, making the atmosphere immersive and energetic.

The panel of speakers and judges included industry veterans like:

and many more!

The Winners

The #BUIDLERs at ETHSeoul 2022 got out of their comfort zones and explored the endless possibilities of building a decentralized future.

Let’s walk you through the winning projects at ETHSeoul 2022 🤩


GAAVE increases liquidity in the borrowing or lending pools and improves capital efficiency in Web3. GAAVE also helps communities in need to raise capital.

To drive donor engagement and campaign awareness, they award donors with NFT Badges (Soulbound) specific to the fundraiser campaign. These NFTs are available to claim when the users reach certain yield farming milestones set by the fundraiser. The fundraiser can easily upload the images of their NFT badges through GAAVE’s interface, which will be pinned to IPFS using NFT.Storage.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • IPFS & Filecoin Track: 3rd Place: $2,500
  • Track B. Public Goods: $5,000 USD
  • The Graph Track: Runner up: $500 US

Builders: Keng, Bennett, Jun, Eric, & Chein

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Renaissance Labs

Selling an NFT is much more complex than buying one. Renaissance Labs has designed fNFT ownership to be as analogous as possible to fractional ownership of the underlying NFT. Thus, fNFT holders will govern the sale of the underlying fNFT and proportionally receive any profits from the sale or external utility (e.g. airdrops received by the underlying NFT). They expect community governance to rise over each NFT collection.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track A. Creativity 1st place: $5,000 USD
  • The Graph Track - Runner up: $500 USD
  • Polygon “DeFi Track” winner: $2,000 USD

Builders: Jung, Scott, & Seong

Check out their Devfolio submission:


It’s unfortunate that crypto is very hard to use, and it feels like it’s getting harder every day. Kastle is a multi-chain wallet that makes it possible to onboard onto every supported chain in less than a minute. Users can simply deposit funds into their “gas tank” via card, bank, or crypto and use those funds to pay for gas for any transaction on any supported chain.

That’s not all - with Kastle, Dapp creators can sponsor gas fees using the power of meta-transactions. This enables onboarding without having to own any crypto.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track E. Other Dapps or dev toolings - 1st Place: $5,000 USD
  • Polygon “Social Track” winner: $2,000 USD

Builders: Alexis, Jeffrey, & James

Check out their Devfolio submission:


MaybePay is scaling micropayments probabilistically by handling microtransactions not worth the users’ full attention.

When a user with MaybePay visits a site with paid content, the user's browser sends the original HTTP GET request to the web server. A first-time user receives a 402 payment required response. On the next visit, the user’s browser will automatically include a MaybePay probabilistic payment signature in the header. The server determines if an on-chain transaction is required, and the site loads for the user with paid content on every subsequent visit without the 402.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track D. Scaling 1st Place: $5,000 USD
  • Polygon “Open Track” winner: $2,000 USD

Builders: Joy & Andrew

Check out their Devfolio submission:


Griffin believes that crypto's mass adaptation will come and wants to contribute to the ecosystem by accelerating it. The existing crypto payroll services do not meet the company's needs regarding privacy & transparency issues, and this is one of the biggest reasons why crypto wage payments are not becoming popular among the masses.

Griffin solves this problem via Polygon Nightfall. Despite Griffin's use of Legit Layer 2 on Ethereum, all payroll transactions through Griffin remain non-transparent and private.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track C. Privacy - 2nd Place: $5,000 USD
  • Polygon “Open Track” winner: $2,000 USD

Builders: Vincent, Pia, JB Won, Julia, Sang

Check out their Devfolio submission:


It is a platform that allows aspiring buidlers to submit a project proposal to a matching round in return for fairly calculated quadratic funding.
They are solving for:

  1. Donating & Quadratic Funding: This will ensure a fair distribution of the total sponsored amount based on the weightage.
  2. User Registration: This mechanism will ensure that each address can only be registered to a unique GitHub account ID.
  3. Claiming: After the voting period ends, project owners can claim their donations in a streamed fashion.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • IPFS & Filecoin Track - 2nd Place: $2,500
  • Starkware Track - 1st Place: $4,000 USDC

Builders: CheeChyuan, Carlos, Jian, & Wen

Check out their Devfolio submission:



SPLYT realized that P2E games are in trouble since the players are leaving due to a lack of incentives. As more and more Web3 games are adopting “Free to Play” and “Rent (NFT) to Play”, they saw a need for a Web3 game-specific NFT rental marketplace.

SPLYT market makes it easier for users to discover NFT-based Web3 games and for game publishers to launch their NFT rental listings. It enables game players to use a smart contract to rent their ‘horse’ for 3 weeks while they go on a vacation, then 3 weeks later, the horse will return back to them plus the rental revenue.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track E. Other Dapps or dev toolings - 2nd Place: $4,000 USD

Builders: Shawn & Austin

Check out their Devfolio submission:



Chord is a high-performance multi-chain NFT metadata caching service.
They are solving the following problems :

  1. Querying NFT Metadata
  2. Filtering NFT by Metadata
  3. NFT integration in Dapps

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track D. Scaling - 2nd Place: $4,000 USD

Builders: Narendra

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Mycelium Myto

Myto is a wallet for devices on the Mycelium distributed IoT protocol. It allows fully decentralized device pairing and operation by enabling secure interactions with Mycelium contracts on Ethereum and other protocol components.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track C. Privacy - 2nd Place: $4,000 USD

Builders: Zakarya & Erik

Check out their Devfolio submission:

NFT Ranks

NFT Ranks analyzes users' Ethereum wallets to provide indicators of users' assets and shares users' NFT reliability scores with NFT projects and businesses. Through this, they expect to create a healthier NFT & DAO ecosystem.
Based on users’ metrics, the NFT reliability score is divided into three stages according to their wallet portfolio.

  1. Paper (lower 10%)
  2. General
  3. Diamond Hands (Top 30%)

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track A. Creativity: $4000

Builders: Yewon & Sewon

Check out their Devfolio submission:

The Federal Protocol

The escrow judge companies are largely centralised. The Federal Protocol solves this by helping to hyper-localize escrow dispute judgments between merchandise buyers and sellers. With the Federal Protocol, you can create a contract and then get the other address to sign it, and in the contract itself, you can put the judge contract's address. The seller and other participants get the money if both parties agree that the product was delivered. If either of the parties isn't satisfied, they can choose to sue.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Track B. Public Goods: $4,000 USD

Builders: Kumar Abhirup, Jonathan, Aura, & Mark

Check out the Devfolio submission:


The current process for research grants has many limitations. For example, the nature of research grants may prohibit controversial topics from being researched, or disruptive technologies could result in compromised well-being of the researchers.

DeSciConnect aims to tackle all these issues by introducing a decentralized peer-to-peer research funding system to broaden the boundaries of scientific research and, at the same time, empower researchers. Using DeSciConnect, researchers can freely and safely research controversial topics without compromising their identity.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • IPFS & Filecoin Track - 1st Place is: $2,500

Builders: Xuan, Simon, Joshua, Philipp, & Dan

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Liquidation Protector

There is a great market need for liquidation protection instruments and trading infrastructure. For this, Liquidation Protector has designed a market with a Knock-In option, where investors can handle the liquidation risk of their leveraged position. Not only the liquidation protector will manage individual investors, but also the systematic risk of the market.

Various market participants can use the Liquidation Protector.

  • Long Knock-In Option holder (= Buy position)
  • Short Knock-In Option holder (= Sell position)
  • Futures CEX/DEX, Collateral-based DeFi.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • IPFS & Filecoin Track - Runner Ups: $1,000
  • The Graph Track - 1st Place: $1000

Builders: Ted, Evan, & Sean

Check out their Devfolio submission:


If the price of BAYC doubles tomorrow, the owner still can’t invest in it unless there’s a sale. And has to pay at least $160,000(80ETH) for a floor price of BAYC.

Even if someone bought 1 BAYC at 100ETH, they have to sell it at over 105.263ETH to break even if we factor in a 5% fee to OpenSea and 2.5% fees to the creator. And this is just the break-even point.

When trading on Fixel, users can long/short a BAYC at a 0.1% fee, a 50x lower fee than OpenSea.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Polygon “Open Track” winner: $2,000 USD

Builders: Selo, Sehun, Oliver, & Noah

Check out the Devfolio submission:


Shieldswap is a dex aggregator that integrates automated-cyclic arbitrage. They are solving multiple problems simultaneously:

  • Price impact is inevitable when swapping
  • Higher price impact on bulk deals
  • High trading volume causes slippage
  • Post-running sandwich attack
  • Mempool causes MEV attack
  • Low liquidity

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • Best new subgraph on The Graph Explorer - 1st Place: $1000

Builders: Taiju & Chanyoung

Check out their Devfolio submission:


On Cosmos-based chains, governance community participation, frameworks, infrastructure, and tools are severely lacking because of Tendermint's different DPoS consensus mechanisms. InterchainDAO wants to showcase the possibility of using Ethereum and EVM-based DAO toolings for Cosmos-based chains.

This project demonstrates one of the countless ways existing EVM tools can help propel the Cosmos ecosystem.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • IPFS & Filecoin Track - Runner-up: $1,000

Builders: LPX Evmos

Check out their Devfolio submission:

💪 Runner-ups & Participants

Soul Tag

People are defenseless regarding their personal information being processed, sold, and abused by unreliable third parties. To combat this, Soul Tag’s protocol design makes it possible to achieve self-sovereign identity (SSI) by delegating privacy and privacy rights to individuals.

Other use cases include solving flaws in the DeFi ecosystem, maximizing NFT performance, and ethically selling and renting data. This protocol achieves both anonymity and confidentiality without using ZK proof.

Winning Titles and Bounty Prizes:

  • IPFS & Filecoin Track - Runner Ups: $1,000

Builders: Jae, Mingyu, Chan, YoungHoon, Chan Moon, & Jihwang

Check out their Devfolio submission:

EIP5252: Soul-Bound Finance


Finance in the crypto ecosystem is facing a huge trust issue. Smart contracts are often proxies, with the actual logic hidden away in a separate logic contract.

EIP5252: Soul-Bound Finance empowers self-sovereignty and gives more credentials than locking financial data in the operating team's contract. Segregation between investor's fund and operation fee is specified in the smart contract so that investors can ensure safety from arbitrary loss of funds by the operating team's control.

Builders: Hyungsuk, Viktor

Check out the Devfolio submission:

Good Whale Hunting


The donation space faces two significant problems — low demand and transparency. Good Whale Hunting increases demand and transparency for donations by the following:

  1. Demand: Using "matching donations" instead of single donations, organizations (aka whales) can create a donation contract, promising to match user donations up to X amount of dollars instead of just donating X amount of dollars.
  2. Transparency: Charities will receive the donation based on a release schedule instead of as a lump sum. Anyone can start a challenge on-chain to stop the release during the release schedule via voting.

Builders: Jin & Jaehun

Check out the Devfolio submission:

Sail protocol

Many users experience inconvenience when using multiple Dapps simultaneously to navigate to and from multiple pages on the Ethereum network. Sail Protocol aims to solve this problem and provide functions that need to be performed through multiple services on the Ethereum network with just one click and on a single web page. Sail Protocol will implement various functions in the future, such as reverse trading or Stake & Shorts based on one click.

Builders: Yewon, Kim, Seung & Minik

Check out the Devfolio submission:


The number of blockchain events has tripled in 2022 compared to 2017. Still, no application mainly focuses on creating a record of event quality and attendee reviews. Bvent is the first platform allowing users to rate blockchain events and conferences they attended and write reviews about them. Bvent concentrates on three key functions — time difference helper, review aggregator, and review compensation.

To prevent arbitrage trading, they set up SBT. Active users will be compensated with tokens swappable to Bvent Dao governance SBT.

Builders: Youngjae, Leo, Yujin, Tommy, & Gu Hong

Check out their Devfolio submission:


Scamscan is the answer to the question, ”Why are there so many frauds and attacks in crypto?” Scamscan believes that it could be solved only when users have a distinct reputation & they’re helping users to build it with 3 main features:

  1. Positive / Negative Reputation Points.
  2. Verifying the transaction logs.
  3. Quadratic Burning System.

Builders: Junha, Sigrid, Nahee, Snoop, & Kevin

Check out their Devfolio submission:


Rewarding users after collecting POAPs it’s still a manual process for community builders involving multiple spreadsheets & records.

Vericid’s solution for this is a platform that automatically airdrops Soulbound tokens after collecting a set of POAPs. This empowers users to automate rewarding your community & grow at a faster pace. Community builders don't need any coding skills to use this platform and can restrict access to private things like events and discord channels.

Builders: Yasmeen & Doris

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Phew! This surely wasn't less than a rollercoaster ride. We are glad that our friends at ETHSeoul 2022 helped developers take a deep dive into the world of Web3 with the help of amazing mentors and speaker sessions.

We hope you enjoyed the recap and the fascinating projects built with passion. ETHSeoul 2022 was a remarkable and huge success, and we can’t wait to see the next edition!

Stay tuned for more events and interact with the Devfolio community at:


Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️