InterchainDAO | Snapshot Proposal to Cosmos SDK

InterchainDAO | Snapshot Proposal to Cosmos SDK

Showcasing the possibilities of the ability to use Ethereum and EVM-based DAO toolings for Cosmos SDK-based governance.

The problem InterchainDAO | Snapshot Proposal to Cosmos SDK solves

Governance community culture and participation, frameworks, infrastructure, and the toolings for community governance on Cosmos-based chains are severely lacking. In fact, they are almost non-existent, because of Tendermint's different DPoS consensus mechanism. The standard set of governance tools needed to securely run a chain are already built into Cosmos SDK

Snapshot and Cosmos

Understandably there was much more focus on the much-needed delegation and staking tools that are now the hallmark of the growing number of IBC chains.

With Evmos (Ethermint roots) mainnet launched on Cosmos, the doors of EVM and Cosmos interoperability has been swung wide open. This project is a simple demonstration of one of the countless ways in which existing EVM tools can help propel the Cosmos ecosystem.

By using a custom version of evmos.js (thank you Laurel Project), I will be showing you how proposals can be used as a signal phase and ultimately executed (all through MetaMask or the wallet of your choice). The transaction executed on the EVM side will interact with Cosmos SDKs' governance module, submitting a proposal for on-chain vote.

Lens Protocol on the Polygon Mumbai testnet was also being implemented for community discussions and possibly even replacing Snapshot completely for NFT-based proposals to Cosmos governance execution. However, as time was short, this was only half implemented.

Update: Repo was taken down as dependency issues w/ Vite have been plaguing deployment. Perhaps one day the project will be refactored into NextJS.

Challenges I ran into

Time, time, time. Korea Blockchain Week events have made it very diffucult to manage my time efficiently.