Taiju Sanagi

Hi, I'm Ethereum dapps developper, my focus is NFT and digital identity.


Chocomint, multichain NFT publish platform

This is simple and gas efficient NFT publish platform built on Ethereum and Matic. User can generate NFT simply by providing name, description, image for NFT.IPFS, Matic, Ethereum, Portis


dex aggregator with integrating automated-cyclic arbitrageThe Graph, FlashLoan, Polygon, Dynamic Programming, Dex aggregator, arbitrage, mev-resistant

DigiGo- One Reward to Rule them All.

DigiGo Loyalty Protocol Eats the World of Rewards Programs. We transition users to Web3 with payments that leverage account abstraction, defi yields, and wallet push notifications.Connext, Ethereum, reactjs, Hardhat, Polygon, foundry, Safe, polygonID, Valist, Push

NFT Craft

On-chain game in which user can play with NFT'sReact, next, Cairo, EF: Account Abstraction, StarkNet, Argent X, Warp, on-chain game


OmniDeployer provides an omnichain deployer interface along with a Hardhat plugin to interact seamlessly with this interface. It leverages the power of Axelar's cross-chain messaging.CREATE2, Axelar




  • BlockBase - CEO
    September 2018 - Present

    I established blockchain consultancy services in Japan, and our main focus is digital identity and NFT. We helped a lot of projects to launch their project.

  • Tata Consultancy Services - SAP Delivery Consultant
    April 2015 - June 2018

    Working as an SAP Delivery Consultant in Japan's largest chemical & cosmetic company, implemented GTS (global trade service) and EHS (Environment, Health, and Service)