SPLYT, NFT Rental Marketplace

SPLYT, NFT Rental Marketplace

SPLYT Marketplace is an NFT Rental Market for Web3 Games.

The problem SPLYT, NFT Rental Marketplace solves

SPLYT market makes it ‘easier’ for users to discover NFT-based Web3 games and for game publishers to use launch their NFT rental listings.

P2E games are in trouble. Players are leaving. Games are not fun and players are losing incentive to continue to play the games. For e.g.. Axis players have dropped by 80% from their peak. People are not buying shoes and walking the famous M2E game STEPN - Why?

Perhaps because coin prices and floor prices of the game NFTs have dropped to new lows. So, the Web3 game players are not only disappointed but now hesitant to buy in NFTs to play the games anymore. They are afraid they will lose money. They may not enjoy the game and so on. This is a problem for the Web3 game industry and for many other P2E or M2E games in the pipeline.

So now, more and more Web3 games are adopting “Free to Play” and “Rent (NFT) to Play.” Thus, we saw a need for a Web3 game-specific NFT rental marketplace.

It’s better for the game Tokenomics and incentive mechanism.

It’s better for the game players: Use a smart contract to rent your ‘horse’ for 3 weeks while you go on a vacation, then 3 weeks later, the horse will return back to you plus the rental revenue.

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues with matching the actual NFT data on-chain with game publisher web page listings but we managed to sort it out.

We had a lot of issues with the devfolio... not being able to recognize our team members... and the Submit button being disabled..