Kastle - a crypto wallet you'll love

Kastle - a crypto wallet you'll love

Web3 shouldn't be confusing and difficult. Kastle is a multi-chain wallet that lets you 1) onboard onto every popular chain in less than a minute, 2) use many dapps for free.

The problem Kastle - a crypto wallet you'll love solves

The Problem

It’s the unfortunate truth - crypto is super hard to use, and it feels like it’s getting harder every day. New chains and dapps are cool, but new developments make it harder and harder for most people to keep up with and usefully use everything that is out there.

The Solution

Kastle is a multi-chain wallet that makes it possible to onboard onto every supported chain in less than a minute. Simply deposit funds into our “gas tank” via card, bank, or crypto and use those funds to pay for gas for any transaction on any supported chain. Using Kastle, you will no longer need to spend hours bridging between chains, paying exorbitant transaction fees to 3rd parties, or doing KYC with companies like Moonpay. You will quickly be able to use any compatible dapp on any supported chain.

Technical details

We issue you wallets on every supported chain so that you can use your universal gas tank to immediately begin transacting without onboarding. Depending on the chain, Kastle employs slightly different patterns to enable a wallet to issue meta-transactions. On EVM compatible chains, we used the smart contract wallet pattern (contracts adapted from the Ambire / Argent wallets), and on Solana, we used the Octane relayer pattern to enable this. Our backend is currently a centralized relayer, but once EIP-4337 on Ethereum and Octane on Solana gains adoption, this layer can be fully decentralized as well.

Additional use case

That’s not all - with Kastle, dapp creators are able to sponsor gas fees using the power of meta-transactions. This enables onboarding without having to own any crypto.


Watch our demo video to see the product for yourself and also learn more about how all of this is possible!

Challenges we ran into

We had some difficulties integrating with existing infrastructure such as WalletConnect and implementation of different signature protocols. It goes to show how young and exciting the ecosystem is!

We weren’t able to finish the Solana implementation in time, but this is almost done as well.