Joy Mun

Hi, I'm Joy Mun(문지선)

I've been programming for about 3 years so far. Mostly two years I did Java programming as the backend and React as the frontend. Since I left my previous job as a web developer, I've been studying in the blockchain field for about six months. Also, I used to do some projects with other team members for my own team project for building the blockchain MVP for the fiat to crypto exchange project while I was living in Shanghai.

The proudest of my project I've done before was the first Ethereum Hackathon I attended in Singapore a few years ago. I am proud of myself for the hackathon project because I really enjoyed developing my first DApp. Also, I could learn how to interact between the front-end smart contracts.

Last 3 years I had a career gap working in other fields which is different from programming after I moved to Korea. Finally, I quit my previous job because I really want to work in the blockchain field last winter. I think this is the proudest thing I've done so far before attending the hackathon.

I can use React, Nextjs, solidity, ethers.js, hardhat., etc



Scaling Micropayments ProbabilisticallySolidity, React, Next.js, Hardhat, Polygon