Alexis Kim

I'm a product manager and designer, and was previously at Instagram and Facebook for 5.5 years, before leaving to study crypto and tinker on projects in web3 full time. I participated in ETH Denver and On Deck Hackathon, and for the latter received "most progress made" prize from over 100+ participants. My proudest accomplishments are leading the launch and growth of Instagram Video Chat and Live, and being one of two Growth PM leads that led Facebook Groups to be a 1.6B Monthly Active User product.

Right now, my biggest interest is account abstraction and meta transactions, and plan to build a project around that.


Kastle - a crypto wallet you'll love

Web3 shouldn't be confusing and difficult. Kastle is a multi-chain wallet that lets you 1) onboard onto every popular chain in less than a minute, 2) use many dapps for free.Solidity, React, JavaScript, ethers.js, WalletConnect, Meta-Transactions, Hardhat, Polygon, Solana