Sail protocol

Sail protocol

Sail Protocol has a concept of one-click defi. Sail aggregates complex money legos on the Ethereum network and makes them easy to use. Starting with short sales, using AAVE and dashboards.

The problem Sail protocol solves

There are many attractive money legos on the Ethereum network. However, there are still many general users who experience inconvenience when using multiple dApps at the same time to navigate to and from multiple pages. They naturally opt out of using the service and, as a result, often lose all the benefits they could have enjoyed on the Ethereum network.

Challenges we ran into

Sail Protocol aims to solve this problem and provide functions that need to be performed through multiple services on the Ethereum network with just one-click, and on a single web page. This lowers the entry barrier for ordinary users to the Ethereum network and provides a more understandable function flow. In addition, you can conveniently know what stage you are in within the service and what situation your assets are in, based on the dashboard. The first function that Sail Protocol implemented with the concept of one-click defi is short sales. Through short sales, regular users can cope with the crypto winter and effectively hedge their investment process.

Meet the Sail Protocol, which will implement various functions in the future, such as reverse trading or Stake & Shorts based on one-click. On ETHseoul, for the very first time. The protocol will make it easier to use Defi services in the Ethereum network, which will further accelerate the commercialization of Ethereum.

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