Carlos Ramos

im a solidity dev



It is a platform that allows aspiring buidlers to submit a project proposal to a matching round in return for a potential grant from the community.IPFS, Next.js, TypeScript, Hardhat, styled-components, Cairo, Protostar, Starknet-react, Starknet-js, Starknet Devnet


ZK-Infrastructure - by using zk proofs, hideme.lol allows you to CHOOSE a subset of some data and PROOF that it belongs to a whole set which has already been commited on-chain.MongoDB, DigitalOcean, nextjs, Express server, Halo2, zkcash, wasml

Stormbit - Lenders to Lenders, Lenders to Borrower

StormBit is a pioneering project developed during ETHDENVER, designed to revolutionize consumer lending on XDC blockchain. It introduces a unique lending marketplace targeting the micro-lending sectorScaffold, XDC, ZEBUU