yewon Choi

I'm responsible for product manager in the Blockwavelabs. Above all, I have lots of interesting about the decentralized finance in the blockchain ecosystem. Also I've always about what is the user-friendly product in the blockchain ecosystem. It can be an enterprise, a provider(developer or builder) or real end-point user who is using the product for being adequate their using purpose. On the other hand, I think what is the best product's form for our user. It would be like 'aggregator'. After all, I'm just wanna make the world-wide using product based on blockchain. :)


Sail protocol

Sail Protocol has a concept of one-click defi. Sail aggregates complex money legos on the Ethereum network and makes them easy to use. Starting with short sales, using AAVE and dashboards.Solidity, React, minimal proxy, contract call, factory


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