jonathan tondelier

Gm ETH Seoul 👋 ! I'm Jonathan but most of people in web3 know me as John.gotchi, as you could guess I'm a proud member of the Gotchigang 👻 but also a 3 years developer which the last one I dedicated to learn about blokchain and solidity (A true love story since then).

2 months ago I just started to build what will be (I really wish :) ) the new standard of the way we have to educate people !

I'm creating the Gotchi web3 school 🔥👻 in collaboration with the community of aavegotchi protocoles

The main idea is to educate people about web3 (DeFi, DAO, & all concept that include interaction with a blockchain) in a form of a game (like ethernaut from openzeppelin) mainly focus for non developer people or people that don't know anything about web3 but are curious to learn and adopt it.

The school tend to use the gotchiverse as strong support for rewarding his dedicated students and let them living their best adventure completing quest and achievement and defend their hometown "The Citaadel" against the Lickquidators


The Federal Protocol

A decentralized protocol for buyers and sellers to sign contracts digitally on polygon that automagically generate escrow wallets with judges or dispute courts of your choice!Solidity, IPFS, Node.js, Next.js, React.js, Polygon