Yield Farming for charity built on AAVE. Giving + AAVE = GAAVE

The problem GAAVE solves

GAAVE Increases liquidity in the borrowing/lending pools and improves capital efficiency in Web3. GAAVE also helps communities in need raise capital.

To drive donor engagement and campaign awareness, GAAVE awards donors with NFT Badges (Soulbound) that are specific to the fundraiser campaign. These NFTs are available to claim when the users reach certain yield farming milestones set by the fundraiser. The fundraiser may easily upload the images of their NFT badges through our interface which will be pinned to IPFS with the use of NFT.Storage.

Challenges we ran into

Our solution was overly complicated in hindsight, We included too many features for this hackathon, such as borrowing/lending, NFT achievements based on USD contributions to the charity, allowing any charity to create a fundraising pool,