ETHBerlin³: A Hackathon Extravaganza ✨

ETHBerlin³: A Hackathon Extravaganza ✨
Here’s a recap of ETHBerlin³ 2022 — a hackathon extravaganza, a cultural festival, an educational event, a platform for hacktivism, and a community initiative to push the decentralized ecosystem forward.

ETHBerlin³ hackathon, organised by the Department of Decentralization and hosted on Devfolio, kicked off on September 16 and brought together hundreds of developers, mentors, and judges to innovate & build on the latest technologies. An astounding 100 projects were built during this 3-day hackathon.

After successful events in 2018 and 2019, ETHBerlin decided to reaffirm its commitment to the ecosystem and founded the Department of Decentralization. The DoD is responsible for initiatives beyond organizing hackathons; and also seeks to support the projects coming from their community.

In 2022, they pushed even further into becoming a festival for people from all backgrounds and, most importantly, a hub where builders were able to get their creative juices flowing by discovering various cultural and educational experiences spread across the weekend.

Developers from around the globe ranging from high school students to PhD scholars joined the hackathon and built various projects. It was thrilling to see projects built on diverse ideas such as the EVMs, smart contracts, ZK proofs, DAOs, NFTs, IP-NFT, etcetera, and won bounties from a pool of over 55,000 DAI. The event also included keynotes, panel workshops, fireside chats, and mentorship sessions, making the atmosphere completely immersive and energetic.

✨ The Winners

The builders at ETHBerlin³ built without a stop for 3 days and explored the endless possibilities of building a decentralized future.

Let’s give you a walkthrough of all the winning projects 🤩


rsociety redistributes the hackathon Open Track prize to all the hackers equally, which is claimable from their smart contract. This way, everyone in a hackathon is a winner.

🏅 Main Award: Open Track
💰 Prize: 10000 DAI
🛠 Builders: Jeffrey, Maggo, Serg, Kevin, & Sizzle

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Dandelion++ for validator privacy

Dandelion++ is an anonymity-preserving gossip algorithm originally designed for the Bitcoin mempool. It helps mitigate DOS attacks and censorship.

🏅 Track Award: Infrastructure
💰 Prize: 7000 DAI
🛠 Builders: Elizabeth, Cayman, & Lion

Check out their Devfolio submission:


HRTX enables Human readable transactions by translating smart contract code to the text with AI.

🏅 Track Award: Even the Odds
💰 Prize: 7000 DAI
🛠 Builder: Evgeny

Check out their Devfolio submission:

NFT are live at ethBerlin!

They use Livepeer as the underlying live-streaming infrastructure, providing end users with a decentralized and censorship-resistant experiences while streaming video content.

🏅 Track Award: Freedom to Transact
💰 Prize: 7000 DAI
🛠 Builder: Pablo

Check out their Devfolio submission:


With CryptoHub, users can buy NFTs in complete privacy. When a user signs in, they get signed into Aztec so that all transactions are private.

🏅 Meta Award: Counter-Surveillance
💰 Prize: 7000 DAI
🛠 Builder: Matt

Check out their Devfolio submission:

ZK Compression

It helps users to compress and optimise data while providing a toolset to prove the correctness of compressing with ZK proofs. Using their tools, rollups can be cheaper by 30% or more.

🏅 Meta Award: Best Cryptography
💰 Prize: 6000 DAI
🛠 Builder: Anton

Check out their Devfolio submission:


It’s decentralized Dead Man's Switch. Users' kompromat is encrypted with LitProtocol and stored on ArWeave. The kompromat is made public if the smart contract doesn't receive a heartbeat.

🏅  Meta Award: Best Design
💰 Prize: 6000 DAI
🛠 Builders: OxFabian, Marco, Ferdi, & Derek

Check out their Devfolio submission:

The Athens Protocol

The Athens protocol allows any user to take part in DAO on-chain votes without revealing how they vote by leveraging the power of zero-knowledge proofs.

🏅 Meta Award: Best Smart Contracts
💰 Prize: 6000 DAI
🛠 Builders: Sean, Carlo, & David

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Video Demo:

🤗 Our favourite projects

Let’s walk you through some of our favourite projects built at ETHBerlin³ 🛠

Crowdfunding Science via fractional IP-NFTs

Fractionalized IP-NFTs enable risk-sharing partnerships for researchers, investors and patients where individuals are able to fund scientists independent of big pharma.

🛠 Builder: Johannes, Clepp, Schmacko, Ox, & Sunny

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Video Demo:

The Pirate Key

With the pirate key, users can hide their treasures in plain sight with geotagging to unlock their wallets.

🛠 Builder: Konstantin, Ilja, Benjamin, & Sergey

Check out their Devfolio submission:

The Bleep Machine

The Bleep Machine allows you to create algorithmic music using EVM bytecode. Its main inspiration is the byte beats which rediscovers the possibility of generating interesting musical sounds using simple mathematical formulas.

🛠 Builder: Ronan

Check out their Devfolio submission:


Telescope is an Ethereum-native transaction explorer built to provide an enhanced user experience in understanding the movement of funds on-chain.

🛠 Builder: Minci

Check out their Devfolio submission:


DuneSheets is a Google Add-On that enables anyone to use Dune data in Google Sheets.

🛠 Builders: Nicky & Neal

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Woohoo! Going through all these projects built with passion and dedication surely wasn’t less than an adventure. We are truly glad that our friends at ETHBerlin³ helped all levels of developers take a deep dive into the Web3 ecosystem with the help of amazing keynotes, mentors and judges, enabling many promising projects to emerge in the process.

We hope you enjoyed reading this recap as much as we enjoyed putting it together. This hackathon has indeed set the bar high for the future, and we can’t wait to see the next edition of ETHBerlin!

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️