Kevin Charm

I'm a software engineer who's been working on smart contracts since around 2020. Used to work at Chainlink Labs building out oracle integrations for the ecosystem. Now working as a founding engineer on a few projects: community infrastructure at Troop/LensClubs and scalable on-chain raffles at Fairy, Inc. I have written quite a few circuits in Circom and interested in learning how to write circuits in Halo2. I love hackathons and recently I've been a winner at ETHPrague, ETHBerlin, ETHBogota, and also at ETHDenver (applied 0xPARC's circom-pairing circuits to verify drand's BLS12-381 random beacons on the EVM).


rsociety - hack ethberlin and receive 10+ DAI

LET'S HACK ETHBERLIN. We redistribute the 10k winner DAI from the Open Track to all the hackers, claimable from our smart contract. DAI TO THE PEOPLE. DON'T TRUST US, TRUST THE CODE!Solidity, IPFS, ethers.js, pinata, Hardhat, Optimism

fren2fren - solving Bolivia's banking crisis

invite-only, non-KYC P2P exchange for communities to onramp members into crypto with social points. one fren fks up - he's out and you lose your points.Next.js, Gnosis Chain, Hardhat, Optimism, Mantle, Scroll, TAIKO,


Deploy a lottery to raise funds for a community or a causeChainlink, Gelato, Wagmi, Gateway, Fe


We built a fully-specced 6-deck Baccarat game on Astar zkEVM to show how we can leverage state-of-the-art rollup technology to create transparent, verifiable and unruggable games on the blockchain!Solidity, Tailwind CSS, Ethers, 1. NextJS