Pablo voorvaart

Pablo is a highly skilled software and video engineer based in Madrid, Spain, with a wealth of experience in the industry. Growing up in a family with a thriving video company allowed Pablo to acquire a broad knowledge of broadcasting, film production, and video technology. He took advantage of early study abroad opportunities in Scotland and the Netherlands, where he established his first company, host4you, at the young age of 18. This company provided management services for Airbnb owners living abroad.

Despite the eventual failure of host4you, Pablo did not lose his entrepreneurial spirit and relocated to Madrid to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Upon completion of his degree, Pablo was quickly recruited by as the fourth employee and sole software engineer. Under his leadership, the development team grew to 15 people and made significant contributions to the overall success of the company, which now employs over 100 people and has raised $3.5 million in its A round funding.

With a passion for video production, Pablo went on to establish Shamaon, a company that provides software and livestreaming solutions to its customers. In 2021, the company pivoted its focus solely to serving crypto-related companies and communities, and was proud to be named the video provider for the Ethereum Foundation. Shamaon also developed in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation and Livepeer, which has become the de facto streaming web application for Ethereum events.

Pablo's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation were on full display at EthBerlin 2022, where he won first prize for the "NFTs Are Live at EthBerlin" project. This groundbreaking innovation has now become the focus of his latest venture, as he works to build a company around this exciting new technology in the content creation industry.


NFT are live at ethBerlin!

NFT are live at ethBerlin! This weekend we were able to create on of the first ever livestreaming NFTs by combining the power of decentralized services swarm and livepeer.Solidity, Swarm, Livepeer


Broadcastr allows content creators to have full ownership and control over their streams,we achieve this by embedding a livestream into an NFT, this allows to view a livestream on any NFT marketplace.Solidity, React, TypeScript, Livepeer, Polygon, Mantle