NFT are live at ethBerlin!

NFT are live at ethBerlin! This weekend we were able to create on of the first ever livestreaming NFTs by combining the power of decentralized services swarm and livepeer.

The problem NFT are live at ethBerlin! solves

In the current web3 landscape, there is no viable front end solution that communities, content creators and event organizers can use to distribute live or on demand video content. The lack of this kind of solution, is forcing users to rely on centralized services such as Youtube or Twitch for content distribution.

Why we shouldn't rely on centralized serviced for content distribution:

  • Censorship prone: there have already been multiple cases of content being censored off these platforms
  • Centralized platform dont respect intellectual property rights of content creation.
  • High fee's: content creators are being charged high fee's to use these platforms. These platforms charge a 20% fee for every dollar a content creator earns.

How it works:

Livestreaming NFTs uses livepeer as the underlying livestreaming infrastructure, providing end users with a decentralized and censorship resistant experiences. The NFT contract is a simple solidity contract that points minted nfts to a file in swarm that contains video player code. This code is the one containing all the playback logic and interacting with livepeer. Right now the player is quite simple, as it just has a harcoded livepeer video source and it tries to play it back, but we could scale this to have complex logic to create fun interactions for the end user.

Why its great:

Since end users are interacting with a smart contract, content creators have full control of how the interaction between their content and the end user happens. We no longer require multiple centralized platforms to subscribe, find and consume content, with this solution, we just need to open our favorite nft application or wallet, and start enjoying the content we want to watch.

Challenges I ran into

I wasnt planing on hacking this weekend, I can here to help livestream eth berlin on watch.ethberlin.ooo, but I was talking to some friends on saturday afternoon and we came up with this idea, so I had to rush hack it in a few hours.
This is my first time writing solidty or interacting with swarm, so i had to learn how to write a contract and so on.

The origianl idea was provided by Chris Hobcroft and he worked with me to scope out the idea. I got alot of help from the swarm guys, talked to them directly to see if the solution was possible. Finally, my friends Shaka, Wesely and Xander, helped out with the demo video that we are using for this submission.

I stayed up till 3 am finishing everything, I used alot of club mate to achieve this.

The video demo section only allows to add youtube or vimeo video urls, so I added the link to video demo in the links section.

Technologies used