rsociety - hack ethberlin and receive 10+ DAI

rsociety - hack ethberlin and receive 10+ DAI

LET'S HACK ETHBERLIN. We redistribute the 10k winner DAI from the Open Track to all the hackers, claimable from our smart contract. DAI TO THE PEOPLE. DON'T TRUST US, TRUST THE CODE!

The problem rsociety - hack ethberlin and receive 10+ DAI solves

Most people never win anything at a hackathon. With us, everyone is a winner! Let's make the prize pool a public good, with equal distribution among attendees.

Everyone receives a $10+ share of the open track prize, guaranteed.
We just need to win the vote. #hackthehack

What does rsociety mean?

We're building the redistribution society. Everyone should get their share!

Why should I vote for rsociety?

The open-track prize is the main hackathon award. Anyone attending the event can judge every eligible project using their EtherCard. The winning project will present at the closing ceremony and the prize is 10k DAI. The catch? There is only one. Until now… When rsociety wins, everyone wins!

How will the money be distributed?

When rsociety wins the open track voting by majority vote, the prize money will be sent directly to the rsociety.eth smart contract. Everyone with an EtherCard (the one you received with your badge) can claim their $10+ DAI share of the pool. Any unclaimed assets will be distributed evenly and airdropped to claim00rs.

How does the claim work?

Upon securing the majority vote, the rsociety.eth smart contract will be receiving the prize money on Optimism. ETHBerlin has published a list of all public addresses for the 1,000 EtherCards which make up to our allow-list. To claim to money you simply connect your wallet to the Optimism Network and click the “Claim your share” button on this page. Sign the transaction, voila, and the money is yours.

What happens to the unclaimed DAI?

You will have 7 days to claim your $10+ DAI, afterwards the unclaimed DAI will be evenly distributed and airdropped to all addresses that claimed the initial $10+ DAI.

Why should I trust you?

Don't trust us, trust the code. The prize DAI will be directly transferred to the smart contract address rsociety.eth. You can read the contract code here.
TL;DR we can't withdraw the funds, only the addresses associated with the 1,000 EtherCards can.

Challenges we ran into

Get enough people to know about our campaign: to redistribute the 10k winning DAI.
It's challenging to create viral memes.
Write a clean contract that locks the 10k DAI, not claimable by the owner, then the airdrop function to distribute the unclaimed DAI after 7 days equally to all the people who claimed the initial 10 DAI.