A Google Add-On that enables anyone to use Dune data in Google Sheets.

The problem DuneSheets solves

Most data tools in crypto are made for and used by developers or are limited by static interfaces by which you can interact with data. In the case of Dune one needs to know SQL to tap into the powerful Dune API. We want to unlock that power to anyone that knows how to work with spreadsheets. To put this opportunity in perspective, there is an estimated 7 million monthly users that use SQL while there are over 750 million monthly users across Excel and Google Sheets. We want to even the odds by providing this tool, enabling those who do not have the technical skills or knowledge to tap into the data that Dune offers.

Challenges we ran into

The Dune API was only released on Thursday this week. So with limited documentation and time we got started. Overall, some issues came around the corner dealing with debugging. However, the Dune team was awesome and helped us out along the way!