I am SSDD. I am a minimalist alturist who has been in this space since 2015. I am a Founder, DAO contributor, Solidity developer and a Tokenomics engineer.

I have co-founded two projects in the Ethereum blockchain space, ElasticDAO and ElasticSwap

ElasticDAO was a DAO based governance platform that focussed on fair governance. I token engineered the first ever deflationary asset based rebasing governance token, that resulted in the first ever anti-sybil system, that also attempts to solve the free rider and voter apathy problem. The documentation to which can be found here: https://github.com/elasticdao/docs. I was also the lead engineer for the Solidity-Math implementation in our contracts.

ElasticSwap is an AMM that natively supports rebasing tokens, the website can be found at: https://elasticswap.org/. The docs to the protocol can be found at: https://docs.elasticswap.org/ Here too I helped develop the complex mathematical treaty of the AMM constant curve that allows rebasing and normal tokens to be traded easily, thus allowing for better liquidity utility.



Maximizing content impactSolidity, React, JavaScript, GraphQL, TypeScript, Lens Protocol, foundry, Lit Protocol, Superfluid SDK

Crowdfunding Science via fractional IP-NFTs

Patients must be empowered to fund therapeutics. Scientists must collect funds to conduct research. Fractionalized IP-NFTs enable risk sharing partnerships for researchers, investors and patients.Solidity, chakraui, ThirdWeb, foundry, Wagmi, NextJS/React, ConnectKit