ZK Hacks Lisbon: Unraveling Zero-Knowledge

The ZK Hack Lisbon Hackathon, hosted on Devfolio, was a 3-day event that brought together zk enthusiasts from all over the world to build innovative, real-world solutions. Let’s walk you through the highlights and the creative projects that were built.

ZK Hacks Lisbon: Unraveling Zero-Knowledge

What is ZK Hack?

ZK Hack is not just another tech community; it's a hub for all things ZK. The ZK Hack community is dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration by providing a platform for developers, designers, and other tech enthusiasts to learn and build together. It’s a hub for ZK learning and building, in the form of virtual events, advanced puzzle competitions, educational content, and study groups. Their goal is to explore and explain key concepts and tools and to get participants onboarded into ZK.

ZK Hack Lisbon

At ZK Hack Lisbon, ZK Hack’s first IRL zk hackathon, builders hacked on zk tools, using zk DSLs, and building new products that showcase what zk can do. Builders from all around got to meet their fellow builders working on zk, learn new skills, find collaborators and friends as well as imagine new ways to use zk in real-world applications.

🏆 Presenting the Winners and Participants

The hackathon united ZK enthusiasts who worked together to build solutions that can benefit everyone. Let’s walk you through them one by one 👇🏼

Top 3 Winners 🚀

1st 🏆: ZeroGravity

A weightless neural network architecture to reduce the proving of inference to lookup arguments on a highly optimized Bloom filter implementation.

🛠 Builders: Cathie So, Artem Grigor, Georg Wiese, Benjamin Wilson, Victor Sint Nicolaas, and Hamish Ivey-Law

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zerogravity-0ea9

2nd 🏆: ZKP2P

A trustless P2P USD <-> USDC fiat onramp powered by ZK proofs and Venmo.

🛠 Builders: Sachin Kumar, Brian Weickmann, Richard Liang, and Alex Soong

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zkpp-23ef

3rd 🏆: zkSafe

zkSafe enables users to use their Safe with their Web2 accounts thanks to Sismo zkConnect. Users don't need private keys and can setup a social recovery with their friends and family.

🛠 Builder: Emiliano

🏆 Winning tracks: Sismo

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zksafe-173a

🏅 Hackers' choice

Fruity Friends

A project intends to solve the case when two people share common interests, such as fruits they like, but are unwilling to reveal any of them unless it matches the other person's interests.

🛠 Builders: GL Warner, and Théo Madzou

🏆 More winning tracks: Scroll

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/fruity-friends-ef88

More winners 🎉🎉


A RISK0 HMAC  implementation & Miden AMM emulator.

🛠 Builder: Sergey Potekhin

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero, Polygon

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/risk-hmac-implementation-and-miden-amm-emulator-30ab


Enables hiding code while being able to prove the correctness of inputs and outputs (and code).

🛠 Builders: HighByte, and Dan Thomas

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/mindfuck-0f98


Reduces frictions in algorithm building and prototyping, brings an army of open-source developers and tons of existing work into smart contracts.

🛠 Builders: Alexander Kozlov

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/whitebox-d0fd


A simple, incomplete information game based on the RISC-0. This game is a fun way to challenge friends and test guessing abilities.

🛠 Builders: Vladimir Marcin, and Tibor Tribus

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/tingtong-2758

Crosschain Escrow on L3 <> L1 Validity Rollups

Native zkRollups utilizing an L3-Architecture based on Polygon's zkEVM to solve the interoperability between networks through a common state on L2.

🛠 Builders: ChristofJori, and Kevin

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/crosschain-escrow-on-l-lessgreater-l-validity-rollups-1614

Dread Pirate Roberts Marketplace

A zkReputation-based marketplace for high-value transactions.

🛠 Builders: Achim Schneider, Andronik Ordiian, Lea Narzis, Justin Heinz, Alexander Ludwig, and Kirk Haines

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero, Aleph Zero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/dread-pirate-roberts-marketplace-79b8

Proof of Physical Item

A tool using Zero-Knowledge proofs to create attestations of physical item authenticity and proximity.

🛠 Builder: Mantas Vidutis

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/proof-of-physical-item-3541

Zero Knowledge Decision Tree Prediction (ZK-DTP)

ZK-DTP uses RISC Zero's zkVM to offer privacy-preserving predictions using decision tree models, allowing accurate predictions to be generated without exposing any sensitive information about the model or input data.

🛠 Builders: Li Quan

🏆 Winning Tracks: RiscZero

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zero-knowledge-decision-tree-prediction-zkdtp-6b5f


A simple integration of SISMO's zkConnect protocol which provides an off-chain verification using ZKPs that checks if you can gain access to private discord memberships.

🛠 Builders: MatteoCasonato, and Matteo

🏆 Winning Tracks: Sismo

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/sismord-af06


A solution that allows anonymous transactions between accounts that belong to the same Sismo vault.

🛠 Builders: Baraa Elalami, Luks Goiriz, David Chaparro, and Pablo Misirov

🏆 Winning Tracks: Sismo

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zykloon-9428

ElGamal encryption for Miden VM

Implements an ElGamal encryption module in Miden VM's stdlib over the recently added elliptic curve (ecgfp5) module.

🛠 Builders: Wei JieKoh, and Goblin Oats

🏆 Winning Tracks: Polygon

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/elgamal-encryption-for-miden-vm-1ded


Aztec Connect onto Scroll so that the Scroll ecosystem can have its own little privacy bubble.

🛠 Builder: Matt Wyatt

🏆 Winning Tracks: Polygon

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zkzkzkevm-493c

Honorable mentions ✨

Zero Trace

A zkSocial graph to authorize computation and storage at the edge.

🛠 Builders: Benjamin Bollen, and Jorge António

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zero-trace-8045


Enables users to verify their World ID (ZK-SNARK), on Starknet.

🛠 Builders: Pia Park, and Tiago Neto

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/starksight-5d82


To wrap it up, the ZK Hack Lisbon Hackathon exceeded all expectations and left us feeling inspired by the level of talent, passion, and creativity of the participants. The event brought together people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, creating an environment where innovation flourished.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this amazing community and are eagerly looking forward to the next ZK hackathon. At Devfolio, we are committed to supporting and nurturing the growth of the builder ecosystem, and we can't wait to see the impact that these projects will have!

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️