We threw a zk-zk L2 in a zk L2 to make a zk-zk-zk L3 We threw Aztec Connect onto Scroll so that Scroll ecosystem can have have it's own little privacy bubble. This only works on Scroll's ZK-evm ;)

The problem ZK-Zk-zk-EVM solves

Well people can't use it right now - but with some tender love and care (well lots of tender love and care really - deposit proofs still messed up and we took out the sequencer lmao) then Scroll will have a privacy bubble on it also capable of private defi.

Scroll is the only ZK-EVM that can support Aztec Connect's privacy layer because of it's bytecode level support aka support for pre-compiles (AC is a heavy user). We believe that this is a huge value prop for Scroll's ZKEVM over other ZKEVM's in the great ZKEVM war of 2023.

Challenges I ran into

I couldn't get my deposit proofs to be valid or the rollup to processproofs but I could get other commands and all the contracts deployed!

I had to rip out the use of the sequencer and set it to just allow my address (aka Aztec Connect Deployer address) the only one to be able to submit proofs to it.

Technologies used