Zero Trace

a zkSocial graph to authorize computation and storage at the edge.

The problem Zero Trace solves

The main problem we addressed revolves around access control and authorization for edge-servers, which can be challenging if individuals would need to manage multiple usernames and passwords and for node-hosters deciding who should be allowed to access their machines. The proposed solution leverages social degrees of separation (DoS) to manage resource access and redundant machine authorization. The zkSocialGraph is built using Plonky2 recursive proofs, allowing node runners to prove an OriginVoucher and extend new vouchers to friends based on their degree of separation. This approach simplifies access control while maintaining security and privacy.

Challenges we ran into

we decided to prove proper signatures, ie ed25519; rather than simple proof of knowing the private key (as a real solution should leave the priv key in the wallet). We succeeded to prove ed25519 signatures, but the proof time grows strongly with message length. (from 30sec on M1 for 8bytes to 12min on M1 for 256bits messages (public key)

we simplified the code and used proof of owning priv key inside the SNARK to simplify and massively reduce proof size

Technologies used