Artem Grigor

I'm a Research Engineer with the Aragon ZK Team. I specialise in developing full-stack privacy-focused prototypes for various industries. I started by using Confidential Computing, but now I mainly work with Cryptography Protocols. My current focus is building private and scalable voting solutions on Ethereum using SNARKs. I'm committed to improving security and privacy with all my work, while also recognizing the importance of utilizing personal data while keeping it confidential. This might explain why in my free time I'm exploring the intersection of machine learning and zero-knowledge proofs, with a focus on developing provable AI delegates for DAOs. I wrote my university thesis on the topic of private DAOs, which I find particularly engaging. I'm passionate about creating opportunities for people to remain confidential and secure in today's age of ubiquitous personal data.



The Weight is Over! ZeroGravity employs a weightless neural network architecture to reduce the proving of inference to lookup arguments on a highly optimised Bloom filter implementation.Moon math, Bloom filters, Aleo, Lookup arguments, Weightless Neural Networks