Emiliano Bonassi

Physicist with the passion of technology aka avid to understand how things work and how to build them.

Worked as a teacher in the university but also in companies. Started as a free-lancer for 6 years working for small-medium companies helping them to realize their goals using technology and then as a developer for dottori.it, the search engine leader for medical doctors in Italy.

4 years ago discovered the crypto world and later, in two years ago, joined Eidoo as the backend team lead. Now VP of Engineering of the company, leading the various tech teams.

Interested in cryptography, building PoC on top of bilinear pairings (BLS) before it was trendy.

An avid collector of various species of DAI using my Eidoo Pokedex.

Always looking for new ideas and business opportunities.



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Project Mangement
Amazon Web Services


  • Eidoo - VP of Engineering