The Onion Rooting

Bringing Onions back to my Burgers

The problem The Onion Rooting solves

"Vegetable prices have surged by 33% in 2019", "After onions, potato prices jump 75% in Delhi", "60,000 suicides of farmers in Maharashtra as of 2014". There is a smokescreen here that lies over here. Middlemen keep crops in deep freezers and release them at a high rate when demand rises. We eradicate this problem with the help of a Blockchain network and an all transparent transaction that can be monitored and stop illegal storages of vegetables/crops. Our Web-App will help farmers sell crops at decent rates and will be a platform for them as well as Middlemen to buy/sell crops and can be regulated with the help of the government.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was learning Blockchain. We were extremely new to the whole Blockchain ecosystem and Ethereum network. We had a lot of issues building the smart contracts and business logic as well as understanding the working of Ethereum and smart contract system. In order to solve this problem, we contacted Matic Team and we were constantly in touch with them and they helped us a lot in solving our doubts. We spent around 10 hours on design thinking and understanding Blockchain ecosystem. This resulted in time constraints and it was challenging to complete our idea in the rest of the time. But somehow we were able to overcome it and we completed almost all the features.

Technologies used