Harsh Mehta

I'm a Swift, iOS, Flutter and a Web Dev. I joined the Mozilla Community in February 2019. That was my first time in a developer community and I learned the true meaning of Open Source. 2 months later, I sent my first Pull Request to Mozilla India Website.

Within the next 2 months, I became a Collaborator at Mozilla India Website Repository, got invited to join the backend team at Mozilla India Blog and Mozilla Gujarat Blog, contributed to Firebase, became a Collaborator at Mozilla Gujarat Website and Member at Wiz-A-Thon, became Mozillian of the Month with second-highest amount of votes in its history and got Internationally recognized.

Ever since knowing about Open Source and Communities, the fire inside me hasn't stopped and I've kept contributing and worked in ReactJS, GatsbyJS, WebVR and Flutter projects and will continue to do so. Apart from that, I have given a talk on Flare at the Flutter Vadodara Community and took a session on Open Source in my college.

I've worked on some personal Swift and iOS Projects as well as a few Open Source ones. The Reps-Events-App Flutter project will be my first Open Source project that will be deployed for more than 10k users. Apart from that, I've been building some cool WebVR scenes for myself! Currently, I'm getting my hands dirty on Neural Networks and Deep Learning in Python and iOS.

From knowing nothing about Open Source to giving talks on it, I grew up. The passion inside of me keeps growing and won't stop. Next up? I'm looking forward to attending some cool Hackathons!

Hackathon Experience So far:

  • Hack InOut 6.0
  • Codebreak 1.0


Bet InOut

Decentralized betting game for Hackathons where participants can bet on teams that may win and award schwags in return based on real time odd generation.Solidity, React

The Onion Rooting

Bringing Onions back to my BurgersSolidity, Bootstrap, React




  • AV DEVS solutions Pvt - Software Engineer Intern
    December 2019 - Present

    Mostly working on Flutter Projects

  • Concept19 - iOS Developer Intern
    May 2019 - July 2019

    Worked on iOS App. Tech Stack:

    • Swift
    • Firebase
    • UI