Priyank Shah

Priyank is a Developer with experience in various technologies from desktop to web to mobile. He has developed a desktop application for automating the activities at the client's organization along with sales managing application. He has worked on a solution for solving labs/lecture-room allocation problems faced at his university, where he built an app for students and teachers of the IT department. He is good at web with javascript especially Vue.js as he worked on a live project at his internship. He also holds expertise in creating REST APIs using REST Framework and Django on the go.

Priyank is good at competitive programming using C++, Python. He is thorough with his logic and capable of writing his own optimized algorithms according to requirements. He's a tech-savvy geek who always loves experimenting and is addicted to technologies.

He is also the Lead at Developer Students Club CHARUSAT, an Open Source enthusiast, and an ML enthusiast. He is a tech speaker with a vision to build a strong developers community around. He also conducted sessions on Google Cloud, ML, Github, Community building.


The Onion Rooting

Bringing Onions back to my BurgersSolidity, Bootstrap, React