Ayush Bherwani

Ayush is a Flutter Developer exploring the deep sea of Flutter widgets. He is skilled in Flutter for developing cross-platform applications and has worked on many projects in Flutter. This year he also worked in a startup where he developed a cross-platform application from scratch. He has also worked on Ethereum smart contracts to develop DApps and has experience in TensorFlow to develop deep learning models. He always loves experimenting and is never afraid to explore new technologies. He is a tech speaker and has conducted many sessions which include Android, Flutter, Firebase, Google Cloud, & Blockchain. He is also the Lead at Developer Students Club PU, an Open Source enthusiastic and Founder/Co-Organizer of Flutter Vadodara Community and Founder of Wiz-A-Thon, Gujarat's largest Student Hackathon. He is passionate about Communities and loves meeting new people. He is also Flutter Lead for the Open Source application developed for Mozilla which will be released soon. This year Ayush took part in various Hackathons and also secured 3rd position in PUHacks. In the PUHacks, he developed a cross-platform application to find nearby hospitals and get various details about Hospitals. The main feature of the application was an AI-powered chatbot which helps you detect various diseases and provide the possible cure.


The Onion Rooting

Bringing Onions back to my BurgersSolidity, Bootstrap, React




  • Ubiquitous Solutions - Software Developer Intern
    June 2019 - July 2019

    During the internship, I led the development of the mobile app using flutter. I was responsible for developing the inventory management and checkout features in the application. The tasks required me to have the additional ability to use API calls and create local database schemas on the client-side of the project.